In English

Daniel Kraft, psychologist

I am a psychologist in Stockholm, Sweden. I work with therapy according to the works of Jean Jenson and Ingeborg Bosch. This is a new and effective approach which combines behavioral and emotional work. Many of my clients have issues with self-esteem or depression and also have questions about the impact of their personal history on their present day life.

I welcome English-speaking clients to my practice and I speak English fluently.

Living in a foreign country can be a psychological and existential challenge, and this is a field that I am familiar with. I have been living in several foreign countries myself and I have also studied cross-cultural psychology.

If you would be interested in therapy with me, you are most welcome to book a first session where we can look further on if I could help you.

For more information about the therapy, please have refer to Ingeborg Boschs page. The therapy is also inspired by the work of Alice Miller. You can find some texts that I have written in English on my blog – DetKä

Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions or so. Please also refer to the news-page for further information about waiting-times.